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How To Lose A Customer Forever

Posted: 30th Aug 2011 (0 comments)

This weekend I was able to witness both the worst and best customer service experiences of my life, which made me think, what type of service do we offer, and what is the customer experience at Bearded like?

My wife and I were running errands this weekend, returning and exchanging clothes, to a few shops at our local mall. I am always interested in the customer experience, especially in the retail market, which has been hit hard over the last three years. I would expect that the retailers who are doing well, have loyal customers, who continue to visit despite the downturn.

Nordstom's Quick Service

Image So our first stop was Nordstroms, my wife had to return a pair of shoes that she already owned. Now, Nordstroms is known for their customer service, there is even a legend of a guy returning a set of tires. The sales person working in the shoe department was quick to issue a return, asking us if we needed anything, and handing us her card for the next time we came in. I also should note, that my credit card was already reflecting the credit first thing Monday, awesome.

The return at Nordstroms was a simple transaction and we were able to take care of it quickly. Which I love. Awesome job and it makes me have no fear when I make a purchase at Nordstroms.

The Frustration of Forever21

My wife and I then move on to Forever21, a cheap clothing store that offers, in my opinion, nice, trendy clothes, for a low price. My wife was given a pair of jeans from a family member, which didn't fit, so she wanted to return the item. No dice. Apparently, once you by something from Forever21, you can only get store credit for a return, even if you have the tags on, receipt in hand, and the original card that bought the item!

Wow. Apparently once money comes into Forever21, it NEVER leaves. This amazes me that Forever21 is trying to train a generation that once you buy something, that company should never release your money back to you.

I won't shop there again. Ever.

Best Service Ever

After the nightmare of Forever21, we went to Sports Authority to exchange a pair of running shoes that were too big. After finding a pair of shoes that I loved, which were a different brand but marked at the same price as my old shoes, we asked the cashier if we could use a $10 off coupon we had. No problem, as she rang in the exchange. But, the new shoes rang up $20 more than the marked price. Once again, no problem as the manager noticed they were mis-marked and HONORED the lower price. Awesome.

On top of that, Sports Authority has a 30 day, no questions asked, return policy that also applies to shoes! So I was very excited to know that after a day of running, if I hated my shoes, they had no problem returning them.

Sports Authority just won a customer for life.

Now I am thinking about what can we do at Bearded to give our clients the same satisfaction. Are we confident enough in our ability to offer a money back guarantee? Are we able to be more human than other design studios? Do we have a heart when it comes to our customers?

What is your business doing to go above in customer service?

Nordstrom's Photo Credit: prayitoo

Bearded Design Re-Design

Posted: 11th Aug 2011 (0 comments)

It has been a long time in the making, but we have finally launched our new website. This website has been a work in progress for a few months. It has been quite a process between client work, developing our content management system, the few web apps we are working on, and our blogs we run.

We are continuing to add more work to our portfolio, developing out the mobile versions of the site, and integrating our client project portal. We are also developing specific secure pages for our agency clients that will allow you to quickly see our offerings and prices. I am hoping that this helps give clarity to our offerings.

This new site is also the first website we have built on our CMS. It has been a long project that we are almost ready to release to our clients, but we wanted to make sure all the bugs were worked out first.

I hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do.